What is YAC about and How can I join???

Youth Advisory Committee or YAC is a leadership group made up of students ages 12-17 that live or attend school in the Pasadena 77506 area.

We focus on student's higher education and promote positive leadership skills.

YAC members are:

  • Positive advocates for youth,
  • Actively improve leadership skills, participate in community service,
  • Engaged by speakers and cultural experiences.

YAC members receive:

  • Leadership Training
  • Participation in Community Service Projects
  • Information from Guest Speakers
  • College Tours
  • Incentives
  • Field trips

For more information contact

Ms. Cardenas
Youth Leadership Coordinator
713-947-3809 ext. 17

Our Mission, Vision, Purpose, Passion = Student Success!


201 E. Myrtle St., Suite 260  Angleton, Texas 77515