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The Six Components that put all together

The Communities In Schools Approach

The CIS approach is simple, yet revolutionary, and it works!. An assumption of the CIS approach is that most of the human/social services necessary to help at-risk children, youth and their families are already in place – but in the wrong place. Troubled children, youth and their families are being asked to seek out the help they need from a confusing variety of sometimes disconnected agencies scattered throughout a typical community. CIS insists that it is the community’s responsibility to bring helping resources to its children, not the children’s responsibility to “figure out” where the community has located these resources.

This problem was stated in the publication, “Reaching Out to Youth”, A Report of the Commission on the Mental Health of Adolescents and Youth Adults by the Hogg Foundation. “Many youth fail to obtain the help they need for dealing with drug and alcohol abuse, pregnancy, troubles with friends, concerns about school-work and other personal problems because they are scared, uncomfortable or don’t know where to begin… Many perceive the traditional service delivery system, if they are aware of it at all, as virtually inaccessible due to distance, hours of operation or cost. Despite the fact that a majority of youth spend most of their days in school, few services are offered in this setting.”

This report specifically cites Communities In Schools as one of the few effective school-based services available to students and their families.