All these services will augment and in most cases create new services to the children. School principals and counselors are identifying those particular services that are most needed in their campuses. They have also agreed, in our “Partnership Agreement” to notify CIS of any possible duplication of services.

Collaborating Partners

Our Mission, Vision, Purpose, Passion = Student Success!


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Partnership and cooperation are at the heart of what we do. All partners are key to the success of CISTXJV. We partner with schools to determine student and family needs. We partner with agencies to deliver needed services to the schools, and we work with our contributors – corporations, foundations, and individual donors – to help make our programs possible. Through these partnerships, we have the opportunity to help create a brighter future for our children and our city.

Our partners work with us year after year based on their commitment to the children of the areas we service and their conviction that this is a highly effective way to deliver their services. The following is a list of the schools we service: